How to Cancel a Paid Pandora Subscription from the Web and iOS

Pandora is a music service that allows you to search for your favorite artist, song, or genre to make a station. You can cancel your Pandora subscription at any time so that you don’t have to pay further for it. If you are subscribed directly from the Pandora application, you will need to cancel it through Apple ID subscriptions section.

Here you will find some method to cancel Pandora subscription

From Pandora’s Website

  1. Go to Pandora.

Click on the link in your PC’s web browser. In case you are signed into your Pandora account, it will open the Pandora page with your account email ID in the right of the screen.

  • If you are not logged into your Pandora account, press Sign In on the right, after that types your email ID and password and press Sign In.
  • This step will only work if you logged in for Pandora on your PC from Pandora website.

Press your profile icon. This will you find on the right side of the page. A drop-down menu will come.

  • You will get your name and email ID from here.
  1. Tap Settings.

You will find this in the drop-down menu list. It will show your account’s Settings screen.

  1. Press Subscription.

This option is on the left corner of the screen.

  1. Press Switch Plans.

After doing this, it will show your Pandora subscription detail.

  1. Tap Cancel Subscription.

You will get this at the end of the page; it only depends on your browser, and you have to move down to see it.

  • If this option does not appear, you have to log in to Pandora from a different phone, and you need to use that phone to cancel Pandora.

Type your password when asked. It will be your password to log into Pandora.

Go through any additional on-screen guidelines to verify. Typing your password in the previous step will confirm that you wish to cancel Pandora account, But if you asked to fill out an extra option, you have to do it to complete the account cancellation step.

  • Your subscription of Pandora will remain active until the last date of subscription.

From Apple ID on iOS

  1. Go to the iOS’s Settings.

Press the Settings application icon, which has a symbol of a grey box with gears.

  1. Click your Apple Email Address.

You will find this on the top of the Setting page.

  1. Press iTunes and App Store.

It will be given in the middle of the screen.

  1. Click View Apple ID.

It is in the pop-up menu list.

  1. Type your Apple email address password or Touch ID when asked.

Enter in the password that you use to sign in into your Apple email address account, Put your finger for fingerprint password unlocks. It will show you Apple email address screen.

  1. Click Subscriptions.

You will find this at the end of the page, on some iOS device; you have to go down to see it.

  1. Choose the Pandora subscription.

It opens the Pandora subscription’s window.

  1. Press Cancel Subscription.

You will find this at the end of the screen.

  1. Go through any additional on-screen guidelines to verify.

You have to confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription of Pandora; your billing will not start during the next cycle.

•    Your subscription of Pandora will remain active until the last date of subscription.

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