How to Troubleshoot Facebook Messenger Video Call Not Working

Facebook, since it is a huge social media network, has created its own messaging app and added a lot of new features in it. Video calling is one of the many cool features that the Facebook Messenger app has but sometimes this cool feature becomes a headache for Facebook enthusiasts. According to some Facebook users, Messenger is not able to make the video call. Well, there could be a variety of reasons like weak network connection, or software issues. So let’s check out the different approaches to prevent the Facebook Messenger video calls from getting failed.

Here’s how to troubleshoot Facebook Messenger video call not working issue

Check Network Connection

Since Facebook Video Calling needs a quality Internet Connection, you must ensure that you have a wireless or cellular network. If the connection is not weak, then you will have difficulty in making a video call. To resolve the problem, ensure that the internet is running with good speed or else contact the service provider or you may need to reset the network settings.

  1. Open the Settings app in your device and move to the General section.
  2. Now, tap the Reset button.
  3. Tap Reset Network Settings and enter the passcode.
  4. Tap again on the Reset Network Settings option.
  5. If you are using the wireless internet connection, then this time you need to reestablish the connection on your device. Now check the problem should be resolved.

Allow the Camera Access to Facebook Messenger

If the Facebook Messenger doesn’t have permission to access the camera of the phone, then video calling could become a challenge. Hence, you must give permission to Messenger to access the camera.

  1. Open Settings and navigate to Privacy option.
  2. Navigate to Camera and tap on it.
  3. Turn on the toggle button right next to Facebook Messenger.
  4. When you have permitted the service to access the camera, you can try making a video call to check if it is working or not.

Allow the Microphone Access to Facebook Messenger

If the messenger is not allowed access microphone, then the video calling is a difficult task to do because the users will be unable to hear the conversation. Hence it is necessary to check if the Microphone access is permitted or not.

  1. Open the Settings and go to the Privacy section.
  2. Tap the Microphone button, and a list will appear.
  3. Make sure to enable Facebook Messenger.
  4. Tap on the toggle button and turn it on.

Reinstall the Messenger

If the Messenger is still facing some problems and unable to make a video call, then try to reinstall the app in your phone.

  1. Go to the Home Screen and find the Facebook Messenger app.
  2. Long press on the Messenger app icon and tap the cross (X) button.
  3. Now you have uninstalled the app from your phone.
  4. Tap to open the App Store.
  5. Find Facebook Messenger and tap to download it.
  6. The phone will download and install the app automatically.

Update the Messenger App

Maybe a bug is creating the problem in the older version of Facebook Messenger app. With the release of a newer version, the older version of the doesn’t receive supports and patches to keep the version working correctly. In that scenario, a bug will keep hovering in and creating various problems.

  1. Open the App Store of your device and tap the Updates tab.
  2. Tap the Available Updates and proceed to select Messenger.
  3. Tap Update and the installation will begin automatically.

The methods are very helpful during the Facebook Messenger Video call failure. But, when these methods don’t work to fix the problem, then there must be a problem in the software of your phone. Don’t wait to update the software of your phone.

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